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Description of Position Offered

Position Neonatology Full-Time-Staff
Credentials MD, Neonatology BC
Starting Date Immediate

Contact Information

Name Kathy Chisholm
Title Senior Associate
Organization Libertas Group
State CA
EMAIL kchisholm@libertasgroup.com
Phone (970) 455-4275


We are currently recruiting to replace a retiring member of one of the top ranked Neonatology Divisions in the country. Key aspects of the position are as follow:

o Consistent, quiet, well-supported community Level III NICU

o Strong culture of excellence and collegiality

o Work life balance that equates to approximately 26 weeks of clinical time

o For the most part, when you are off…you’re off

o Light Call from Home due to skilled 24/7 in-house support

o Academic Appointment

o Competitive compensation and benefits

o Food, Wine, Art, Theater, Major League Sports, Nature, Culture, Good schools, the Pacific.

Our ideal candidate is well-trained, board-certified in Neonatology, and offers excellent clinical and interpersonal skills. Please contact Kathy Chisholm to schedule a confidential phone call to discuss the location and details. (kchisholm@libertasgroup.com)

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