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Description of Position Offered

Position Neonatology Moonlighter
Credentials MD, Neonatology BC
Starting Date Ongoing

Contact Information

Name Cynthia Dembofsky, MD
Title Chief of Neonatology
Organization Crozer Keystone Health Network
Street Address 1 Medical Center Blvd.
City Upland
State PA
ZIP 19013
EMAIL cynthia.dembofsky@crozer.org
Phone 610-447-6707
FAX 610-447-6719


The Neonatology Division currently provides care at an 18 bed level III unit at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, which has the capability of providing care to all gestational age infants, as well as a 6 bed NICU at Delaware County Memorial Hospital. The Crozer Chester Medical Center Department of Pediatrics Residency Program consists of 18 residents and is a core teaching site for the Temple University School of Medicine. This position includes the option 24hr weekday, night or 12 or 24 hour weekend shifts at one or both NICUs. Local applicants preferred; must be able to pay own travel expenses.

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