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Carl Siegmund Franz Credé

German gynecologist and obstetrician
Born December 23, 1819, Leipzig
Died March 14, 1892

Carl Siegmund Franz Credé spent his student years in Heidelberg and Berlin, where he was conferred doctor of medicine in 1842. Following a one year scientific journey in Europe he became assistant physician at the obstetrical clinic in Berlin under Busch. In 1850 he became a Privatdozent of obstetrics at the University of Berlin. In 1852 he became the director of the Berlin school for midwives and chief physician of the delivery department, as well as director of a gynecological department established by him at the Berlin Charité.

In 1856 Credé was made professor of obstetrics at the University of Leipzig, where he was, once more, entrusted with the directorship of the school of midwifery and became director of the maternity unit. Here he established a clinic of obstetrics and gynaecology, and established a separate department of women's diseases at the maternity unit. Besides his practical duties he found time for numerous written works. He worked up a textbook on midwifery well known in his days and republished it.

Credé, an excellent teacher as well as a competent organiser, in 1860 received the title of Hofrat (court counsellor), in 1870 that of privy medical counsellor.

From 1853 to 1869 he edited the Monatsschrift für Geburtskunde, from 1870 the Archiv für Gynäkologie.

Credé used a warming tub called a "Wärmewanne" at the Leipzig Maternity Hospital in the late 19th century. A drawing of the warming tub is shown below.

(Biographical information from whonamedit.com.)

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